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Is the chatbot only for inmobiliarias?

Our chatbot is espescially designed for inmobiliarias in Spain. The datasets contain accurate information about the real estate market. It is ready to assist realtors and customers

How do I install the chatbot? installs the bot quick and easy on your website, facebook page, skype, and many more platforms. The implementation is not the hardest part 🙂

Do I own the data ?

Unlike Facebook messenger bots, all the data is owned by us 🙂 We collect the data and analyze it for you. Also, the data gets used to make the bot even smarter for your own inmobiliaria! Every data is protected under Microsoft technology, so it is all safe!

How do I get leads as a realtor?

The chatbot stand for information and automation. Users will navigate through the bot and eventually qualify customer from cold to hot leads. The realtor will gather up the relevant information to make the sale.

Does this virtual agent replace realtors ?

Not at all, don’t worry! Sofia, our A.I. Chatbot is there to automate leads, make your work easier, faster and save you time. Also, the chatbot is a great resource for information, training and to guarantee transparant, accurate information at your inmobiliaria.

Do I need training to use the bot?

Not at all. Our chatbot will work for you and not the other way around! Deploy and let the automation begin 🙂